Bubble Pop Game Online

Have you ever played a game so simple that you find yourself wondering why you’ve spent the last couple of hours hooked on the screen? Common sense and gaming history dictates that in order for a game to be addictive, it has to have impressive visuals as well as a unique story line. Of course, game play is also a huge factor. On the other hand, some games are so mundane and simplistic that they also achieve the same notoriety as those that are impressively-developed. What I am referring to is the Bubble Pop game. A simple addictive game, it is now available to play on the Internet with the Bubble Pop game online.

The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible when it is finally over. You will have to go across multiple levels that become harder and harder as you move on as well as becoming trickier to complete. This depends on the game mode but the concept remains the same. You will be required to find groups of bubbles that have the same colour and tap them. This in turn will cause them to pop and you will earn points from it. The minimum group of bubbles is by twos but you can make them combine together, of the same colour of course, and get huge points in the process. This is perhaps the trickiest part of the Bubble Pop game online. Getting a lot of bubbles of the same colour grouped together before you pop them is very hard to do, and will require a lot of strategizing on your part.

In the online version, the limitation you are only faced with is that once you leave, you will have to start all over again. Unless of course, you play until you are too sick of the game that simply the name’s mention will get you nauseated. The benefit of downloading the game, which has to be purchased, is that you can play it in offline mode. So if you are using a laptop you can play Bubble Pop even if there is no Internet access at all. The same can be said about paying for it and downloading the game into your handheld device. Even in offline mode, the game still works although scores cannot be posted if you are not online.

Of course, you can’t take away the fact that playing online does not cost anything which is more than reason enough not to complain about its limitations. What’s even better is that most likely, in the site you will be playing the game there are other games that are also available to play for free. So you will never get bored of the site even if you have had your day’s fill of free Bubble Pop. Finally, the controls are ever-so-easy. If you are using your computer, just point the cursor towards the group of bubbles and tap the left mouse button to execute the popping action. That’s it, pretty much. Nothing more that this very simple and genius game can explain even further. Have fun!