Play Bubble Pop Game

When you think of the words “bubble” and “pop”, the first thing that comes into your head is a typical bubble shooter game. It’s all been done before and you are no longer interested in playing the same type of game over and over again. However, what if this new type of bubble popping involves water and you taking the role of a fish? You surely have never played anything like this game before and if you have, it most likely was not for free. When you play Bubble Pop game online, you won’t be charged a penny for it at all.

Bubble Pop is much different from other games because of a few things. First, it takes place underwater and you have to collect air bubbles to gain points. At the same time, you will have to avoid mines that float around the water. Once you come into contact with any of them, you die and its game over! What’s more is that the game is very fast-paced. The more bubbles you collect, the more mines will appear and it will become harder to earn more points. Don’t worry about having a hard time with this game, though. The controls are very easy. The fish moves along with the direction you move your mouse with.