Free Bubble Pop Game

Games are often played for some time then they are shelved forever. Unless of course, they are puzzle or sports-related games that have tremendous replay value. With that being said, you end up spending a lot of money for games that you will not play for very long. Usually, we buy popular titles that have a story line or intense viral reach which is why they are purchased. After that the game would be lucky if we even move our eyes toward its direction. If you want to enjoy games without having to spend money, then you might want to try the free Bubble Pop game that is available online. Fun, free and you can play it no matter where you are!

Bubble pop is similar in nature to puzzle bubble games you may have come across with. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the bubbles that are on the screen by finding groups of the same colour and clicking on them to be able to remove them. In Android versions, you will just tap the screen using your finger to do so. However, since you will be playing online, you will be using your mouse in the event that your handheld device does not support Flash. On the other hand, if it does, you can still use the touch screen to pop the bubbles. Of course, this is if the site you will be playing in also supports the platform. It is with most certainty that you will need to use your mouse if you will be playing online, though.

As mentioned, the objective is pretty simple. You need to pop the bubbles of the same colour to be able to move on to the next rounds. The good thing is, the game does not require you to find them in groups of threes. In here you only need to find groups of two bubbles of the same shade to take them out. On the other hand, that is not just the purpose of the game. High scores are also important. In order to get them, you need to figure out a strategy wherein you will be able to move same coloured bubbles together to achieve a combination. For instance, if your goal is to get all the green ones connected, you need to remove all other bubbles. Once the green-coloured bubbles are together, you can tap the screen and it will give you a high score combo that is worth a lot!

Playing the free Bubble Pop game also has another advantage in the form of having the opportunity to post your scores online. When you achieve high scores, you can sign up in the game centre and have your score posted in the game’s leader boards for the whole community to see. Since a lot of gamers do play Bubble Pop, getting your score on top of the list will be a great achievement. So, go online and enjoy one of the many games that are available for free!